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We support and relieve agencies in the implementation and maintenance of web projects, provide software solutions, offer employee training, and ensure increased efficiency, security, and quality.

SMEs & Large Enterprises

We streamline and digitize business processes, develop custom websites and web applications, and provide support for all aspects of digitalization.

Associations & Organizations

Both small and large organizations face similar challenges. We overcome obstacles with dedication and offer websites, web applications, apps, and much more.

Freelancers & Self-Employed

Regardless of the business field, digitalization is always relevant. We ensure professional visibility with websites and also lend a hand in exploring uncharted business areas.

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Technology & Society

The Hourglass in the Gearbox

Time is subjective. New and colorful experiences intensify our personal perception of time, extending our felt lifespan by several decades. The more each day resembles the last, the fewer outstanding peaks there are for our brains to recall as milestones in the fabric of spacetime. The same applies to weeks and years. When the peaks, enshrouded in a soup of clouds, fail to puncture through, our perception of time blurs. Just as an EKG heartbeat line requires spikes, if day-to-day life forms a flat line for an extended period, the first cracks appear in the glass of our hourglass.

Are Robots the Better Humans?

Humans are curious creatures. On average, they consist of 0.5 cubic meters of fleshy matter, suspended on a framework of over 200 bones. Wrapped around this biomass is a leathery layer that proudly claims to be the largest organ of the human body. This living masterpiece is populated by around a quadrillion microorganisms and is the antithesis of a "perpetual motion machine." Life greedily demands incessant energy, care, reproduction, and a struggle for survival.


Technology, AI & the Future

China Uses AI To Revive the Deceased

In China, more people are using AI-based virtual avatars to communicate with deceased loved ones. This technology, increasingly affordable, uses deepfake software to create realistic digital replicas of the deceased for interactive purposes.

Chinese companies are offering to create avatars of the deceased through AI that processes videos, audios, and biographies. These avatars, driven by cultural importance of ancestor worship, are part of a growing trend for digital interactions with the dead. The technology is also applied in media and education, replacing historical figures or news anchors.

What about the Metaverse?

Amidst the AI boom, one may overlook the big brother, namely the Metaverse. These virtual worlds completely immerse people in the digital realm.

Billions are flowing into the development of the Metaverse, and many signs indicate that the next breakthrough is imminent. It seems to be the logical step that technology automatically offers for further advancement. Complete immersion in virtual worlds with all our senses. Gert Scobel has shed light on this topic from a refreshing perspective (in German):

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