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The Hourglass in the Gearbox

Time is subjective. New and colorful experiences intensify our personal perception of time, extending our felt lifespan by several decades. The more each day resembles the last, the fewer outstanding peaks there are for our brains to recall as milestones in the fabric of spacetime. The same applies to weeks and years. When the peaks, enshrouded in a soup of clouds, fail to puncture through, our perception of time blurs. Just as an EKG heartbeat line requires spikes, if day-to-day life forms a flat line for an extended period, the first cracks appear in the glass of our hourglass.

Are Robots the Better Humans?

Humans are curious creatures. On average, they consist of 0.5 cubic meters of fleshy matter, suspended on a framework of over 200 bones. Wrapped around this biomass is a leathery layer that proudly claims to be the largest organ of the human body. This living masterpiece is populated by around a quadrillion microorganisms and is the antithesis of a "perpetual motion machine." Life greedily demands incessant energy, care, reproduction, and a struggle for survival.

The Night of Nights, All Day Long

Social Media is the trendiest club in town, where everyone wants to get in to see and be seen. In the evening preparations, hair is meticulously crafted into a work of art with surgical precision, bodies brimming with hormones are dressed in the finest attire, and a captivating fragrance from the chemical laboratory of the home medicine cabinet is dusted on. There they stand: the posers, the dance enthusiasts, the shy ones, the observers, the shameless, the troublemakers, the testosterone-fueled, the clowns, the seducers, and the chatterboxes. All the stereotypes of the local disco have dressed up for the virtual stage.

The T-Rex is coming

They are the dragons of reality, gigantic, awe-inspiring, fascinating, and extinct. Perhaps genetic engineering will one day actually bring the dinosaurs back from the graves into our time. And if genetic engineering fails, the T-Rex will still teach us to fear it up close. Unless a meteorite also sends us into the history books of future species.

The working leisure for everyone

During the week, sleep in a bit, extend the afternoon siesta, and simply head to the lake when the weather is nice. Hearing about these scenarios easily makes one daydream, and the vacation painting sketched in the mind floats past the inner eye, carried by a summer breeze. Bringing such beautiful prospects into harmony with work, unthinkable!

The truly important questions

Many people shy away from the probing and never-ending questions of children, much like avoiding the dentist's drill. After receiving the fifth "Why?" as a response, many lose their patience. However, children are doing it absolutely right, while many adults get it all wrong.

The paradoxical cow barks meow

Blowing the blues is an understatement. A hurricane of the highest degree hurled melancholy like debris through the entire train compartment, leaving a trail of devastation. Deeply furrowed, drooping corners of the mouth, and glassy eyes that held captive suppressed desires like dams. Even the shabbiest potato sack would exude more enthusiasm and shine with better posture. Whoever is brave enough to witness the daily massacre of joy should hop on a morning commuter train.

Do it yourself or have it done?

Many people feel uneasy in their gut when they entrust an important matter to someone else. People with different upbringing, tastes, imagination, and outlook on life are often asked to take care of important things for us. "I just hope it turns out well!"

"Yes" is brave, "No" is liberating

"No" is a gift. It prioritizes one's own needs as the highest good on Earth. "Yes" is seen as sunshine, caring, benevolent, and compassionate, representing the good. On the other hand, "No" carries the reputation of a dark night, envious and deceitful, the embodiment of evil in words.

A Leap Like No Other

Black-and-white television images vividly witnessed the first steps on the moon, the electrifying riffs and solos of Jimi Hendrix resonated through the masses of hippies at the Woodstock Festival, and the needle of the record player was still placed on vinyl records of Elvis or the Beatles. If you are a witness of those epochal times or even earlier years, you have my utmost respect for your handling of today's technology.

Truth or Dare

Not everyone is an explosives expert, journalist, biologist, physicist, or politician. Most people immerse themselves in only one or two fields of expertise throughout their lives, to the point where they can distinguish truth from lies. For the majority of life, we rely on the actions and statements of others. Even the strictest atheist or the most questioning scientist believes more in their life than they know the truth from personal experience.

Hearts with global reach

Apart from good health, what do we really want? Money? Sex? Loyalty points? Advertising overwhelms us with so many desires and longings that the true answer is obscured. However, the answer is easier to find than one might think: Pay attention to the next song on the radio; if it's not about love, I'll bet my broomstick collection that the following song will be.

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