• The actualization of the wishes, ideas, requirements, and visions of our clients.


  • Creating the best possible environment for the realization of projects.
    A tree or a flower won't survive for long without sufficient water and sunlight. The better the environment is tailored to the needs of the tree, the more robust, faster, and healthier it can thrive. The same applies to projects: without the right strategy, the most suitable people, and the seamless interaction of all gears (processes), projects are destined to fail from the start. We create the optimal conditions for your project to flourish splendidly and unfold its full potential.
  • Idiom «BE IN THE ZONE»:
    When you are "in the zone," you are in peak form, focused, happy, and excited because you are executing something very skillfully and effortlessly. This optimal state of joy, challenge, and quality forms the foundation of our work philosophy.

The team at RealizationZone brings together over 20 years of valuable experience in web development. The experiences from various CMS, technologies, companies, and individuals all contribute to the work of RealizationZone. Having encountered all kinds of mistakes and challenges, we can provide our clients with the best solutions directly. We are driven by the joy of our work and are committed to a respectful and friendly interaction with one another.

Drupal is a Content Management System (CMS) designed for easy operation and management of websites and web applications. Used by millions of people worldwide, Drupal is available as open-source software.

The source code of the software is openly accessible to everyone. In contrast to closed source code, the quality and security are significantly enhanced, as there are no hidden backdoors and no malicious code can be injected by companies with ill intentions. Additionally, errors can be identified more rapidly. Instead of a two- or four-eye principle, Open Source relies on the million-eye principle. Another advantage is the considerable independence from company-specific software. RealizationZone uses open source software whenever it is available.

Drupal is considered the most secure and flexible CMS in the world, making it particularly popular among clients with high security requirements. Another advantage of Drupal is its user-friendly interface and vast possibilities for expansion. Drupal allows for the integration of various interfaces (APIs). The main disadvantage of Drupal is the somewhat increased effort required for programming and configuration, especially for very small websites.

Certainly! No lengthy emails, phone calls, or hidden costs. The website is available for self-management around the clock. Whether it's text, images, documents, videos, new pages, etc., content can be easily adjusted and expanded on your own. And should you have any questions or need assistance, we provide year-round support with our all-inclusive support, which also takes care of all updates and security requirements automatically.

Technological progress is advancing at an ever-faster pace, which is why proper care and protection of a website & web application are essential. Moreover, there is an increasing number of widespread hacker attacks on websites. That's why our software always comes with an all-inclusive service. This way, our clients can focus exclusively on the content-related aspects of a website. Security updates, monitoring (monitoring critical parameters), feature updates, and support – with us, your website is in the best hands.

The servers, along with all data, are located in Switzerland and adhere to Swiss data protection laws. If desired, you can also use your own or other external servers.

All products & services, such as websites & web applications, are exclusively owned by the customers. Thus, a website can be operated independently of RealizationZone. The same applies if you are dissatisfied with our services. Thanks to the global distribution of the CMS Drupal, there are plenty of providers to turn to. Of course, our main motivation is that customers are maximally satisfied & happy with us and our work and feel well taken care of in every aspect.

Larger companies, due to employing more staff, need to generate much more revenue, and thus, take on a multitude of orders and projects. Driven by economic pressures, this often happens regardless of whether there's sufficient time, resources, and expertise available. Due to overlapping deadlines, a vast number of projects must be handled simultaneously. As a result, even the largest teams shrink down to just one or two individuals for each project. Furthermore, employees become overloaded with projects, as money is continually shoveled into the furnaces in copious amounts to keep the corporate ship afloat and even accelerate. The outcome is higher costs, exhausted employees, lack of time and quality, and inadequate expertise, as it's challenging to find and hire so many employees with the necessary knowledge.

For these reasons, opting for larger companies can lead to significant disadvantages for clients. In contrast, we focus on intensive and close customer support, creating a fertile atmosphere for projects to breathe, thrive, and conclude with the best possible outcome.

Even in the unlikely event that everything goes awry and RealizationZone ceases to exist, our customers and projects are safeguarded. The projects, along with all data, always remain in the ownership of the customers. Furthermore, our projects are rooted in open source technology. Aside from other benefits, this guarantees that there are other companies in the market that can technically operate and further develop the projects.

Additionally, a broad partner network reinforces RealizationZone's foundation. In case of unexpected events, these partners step in and support our customers. We are committed to having a Plan B and C in place for our customers in the event of such occurrences, as no one in this world is entirely immune to them. We dedicate our full energy daily to ensure that the projects, along with all of us, reach a healthy, meaningful, and advanced age.

We perceive life as colorful. To us, being colorful means embracing variety, engaging in a wide array of experiences, and cultivating a broad and deep horizon. Our services align with our personal passions. This drives us with exceptional enthusiasm and results in the privilege of adorning our work with abundant joy. The seemingly numerous services we offer can be distilled into a few overarching themes. This ensures that we have sufficient resources and accumulate in-depth expertise. Therefore, we rightfully declare ourselves to be absolute and passionate experts in everything we provide.

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