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Who Are Our Customers?


We support and relieve agencies in the implementation and maintenance of web projects, provide software solutions, offer employee training, and ensure increased efficiency, security, and quality.

SMEs & Large Enterprises

We streamline and digitize business processes, develop custom websites and web applications, and provide support for all aspects of digitalization.

Associations & Organizations

Both small and large organizations face similar challenges. We overcome obstacles with dedication and offer websites, web applications, apps, and much more.

Freelancers & Self-Employed

Regardless of the business field, digitalization is always relevant. We ensure professional visibility with websites and also lend a hand in exploring uncharted business areas.

Are you looking for support? We'll be happy to roll up our sleeves for you, just get in touch!



Technology & Society

The Night of Nights, All Day Long

Social Media is the trendiest club in town, where everyone wants to get in to see and be seen. In the evening preparations, hair is meticulously crafted into a work of art with surgical precision, bodies brimming with hormones are dressed in the finest attire, and a captivating fragrance from the chemical laboratory of the home medicine cabinet is dusted on. There they stand: the posers, the dance enthusiasts, the shy ones, the observers, the shameless, the troublemakers, the testosterone-fueled, the clowns, the seducers, and the chatterboxes. All the stereotypes of the local disco have dressed up for the virtual stage.

The T-Rex is coming

They are the dragons of reality, gigantic, awe-inspiring, fascinating, and extinct. Perhaps genetic engineering will one day actually bring the dinosaurs back from the graves into our time. And if genetic engineering fails, the T-Rex will still teach us to fear it up close. Unless a meteorite also sends us into the history books of future species.


Technology, AI & the Future

Next Milestone in AI Video Creation Appears To Be Reached

OpenAI recently released incredible videos generated with the new AI "Sora" using simple text prompts. This will revolutionize the video, film, advertising, and gaming industries overnight.

Previously, AI-generated videos flickered, were of low quality, and had very short durations. Now, OpenAI presents videos that are razor-sharp, without flickering, and of longer duration generated with rudimentary text prompts. This surpasses everything that has come before and grabs the attention of entire industries. What does this mean for various industries? Could entire cinema films soon be created by AI and text prompts? If the pace continues, then definitely. The consequences of this are profound, affecting jobs and the seemingly infinite potential of new possibilities.

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